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  Raven is a dynamic character and a prominent figure within the accounts of the aboriginal people of the Northwest Coast although his prominence does diminish from north to south. Despite the differing roles this creature plays within First Nation worldviews; Raven is admired universally for his intelligence, inquisitiveness and creativity and as a result appears more often within the works of indigenous artists than any other character of their oral traditions.

In the northern regions of the coast, Raven is a trickster, transformer, teacher, and chief spirit. He is a notorious schemer, cunning to a fault, impulsive and without remorse. Within Coast Salish oral traditions, Raven is considered to be a mischievous character; however, he is not a prestigious transformer.

Raven is identifiable by a thick beak that tapers slightly and ends in a blunt tip. Raven is occasionally, but not often, depicted with very small ears and wings typically folded tight against his body.